Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

I often rue the fact that I have insufficient time to spend on my hobbies, but the picture below suggests otherwise.  The secret seems to be in looking ahead, determining as best as I can what spare time I might have on my hands and planning in advance how best to make use of it.

The back and soundboard halves were joined and thicknessed on separate days some weeks ago, while the braces, bridge patch, cross-grain back reinforcement and headblock have been laying around in readiness having been prepared in short bursts of activity over the past few months.

With higher humidity on several days over the last two weeks, the dehumidifier in the spare room has been running continuously and I've been able to maintain a relative humidity of around 45% - ideal for gluing braces to the soundboard and back.  The temperature in my workshop has been bearable too, and the neck I began yesterday reached its current state of completion this afternoon.  I'm on a roll!