Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Guitar Back is Born.

A half hour here, an hour there, and before you know it, a guitar back has materialised. I've been making a concerted effort to make progress on this guitar after work throughout the week, when I would typically be less than productive where guitar building is concerned.

The back halves were joined with Titebond as usual, but I thought I'd attempt to use hot hide glue wherever else I can on this instrument. Apart from its great strength and resistance to creep, I enjoy the fact that it's so easy to clean up once the parts are joined and clamped. After allowing a short time for the squeeze-out to gel, most of it can be easily removed with a chisel-shaped scrap of spruce. A sponge dipped in the hot water from my glue pot, wrung almost dry, removes the remainder of the glue pretty effectively.

Attaching braces to the soundboard would seem to be a realistic goal for the week ahead. We'll see whether Murphy's Law allows me to achieve it!