Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Call of the East

Stanley, known variously over the years as Snake Gully or Nine Mile Creek, is a small village located in a historic gold-mining area in Australia's south-east. It's primarily a nut and fruit growing area these days, but is home to a number of artists, artisans and - rumour has it - an odd assortment of eccentrics. I'm pleased to announce that, together with my partner Sandi, I'll soon be leaving the west behind and joining their ranks!

Approaching Stanley from the south
Along with this impending cross-country move, a significant downsizing will afford me the opportunity to build guitars in a more-or-less full-time capacity. What's more, with no pressing need to maximise output and profits, I can be totally self-indulgent and devote as much time as necessary to improving my guitar building skills, perhaps even diversifying a little into mandolin and ukelele construction. Most importantly, I'm looking forward to settling in a small community of like-minded people, and developing a more laid back approach to life in general, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stars are brighter too!